6. Krya Zesty Hair Wash - Classic ( 100 gm )

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Quick Overview

Is your hair perpetually having a bad hair day? Does it look limp and greasy all the time? Do you “need” to wash it everyday / frequently for your hair to look its best?

Synthetic shampoos contain a potent cocktail of cheap degreasing detergents, thickeners, fragrances , paraben based preservatives and lots of water – this potent cocktail is responsible for stripping hair of its natural sebum, damaging your hair’s cuticular structure, slowing hair growth and leaving hair dry, frizzy and brittle OR super oily, limp and extremely attractive to fungus leading in dandruff.

But is there a life without a modern shampoo, you may ask?


Remember the modern shampoo was invented only in 1920, and it was almost completely based on SLS and SLeS , two cheap, common, degreasing detergents used to wash your car – this formulation HAS NOT Changed even today. Way before someone even figured out that what washed your hair was good enough to wash your hair, India had a sophisticated system of Ayurveda and Siddha which had perfected the secrets of cleaning and caring for hair and ensuring healthy hair growth – so much so that Indian hair continues to be in demand all over the world to make artificial wigs!

Try the new Krya Classic Hairwash

The Krya Classic hairwash is a tradition-inspired natural formulation to clean and care for hair . Inspired by the health-giving systems of Indian traditional medicine, Krya Classic has been tested and formulated over 5 years using a unique combination of cleaning and hair and scalp nourishing herbs.

The Krya Classic hairwash works well to gently and thoroughly cleanse hair and scalp without stripping it of natural oils. Keeps hair naturally conditioned so there is no need to use any synthetic conditioner after this product. Most users report seeing a decrease in hair dryness, increase in hair health , improvement in hair growth, reduction in dry scalp, reduction in split ends and most importantly reduction in scalp and hair oiliness post wash after switching to the Krya Classic Hair wash.

As recommended by Ayurveda, the Krya Classic Hairwash is best used with our specially formulated Krya Classic hair oil. We also recommend regular use of the Krya Classic hair mask with nourishing and hair health increasing herbs. We also have on offer the Krya Classic Hair Nourishing System which comes with all 3 of these products at a special bundle price. 

 What kind of hair does this product work best with

  1. The Krya Classic Hair wash works best for straight or wavy hair that is NOT extremely dry and tends to get greasy quite fast. 

  2.  If your hair and scalp tends to be extremely dry, has a lot of spilt ends, tangles easily, breaks easily, is very curly and generally feels rough and coarse, we recommend using the Krya extra conditioning hair system instead.

  3.  If you have stubborn dandruff, we recommend that you treat the dandruff FIRST with the Krya Anti Dandruff System before coming back to this product range.

  4.  If your hair has been chemically damaged (frequently coloured with synethetic hair colours, straightened or permed), we recommend you use the Krya Damage repair Hair system FIRST, before coming back to this product range. 

  5.  If you have had hair loss due to a long illness, severe medication , we recommend you use this product along with the Krya Intense Hair Oil.

Other recommended regimes for encouraging overall health and hair health

We strongly recommend a regular abhyanga for good body ehalth and hair health. A regular abhyanga detoxifies the body, balances the doshas , and improves skin and hair health dramatically. An abhyanga is recommended to be done on Tuesdays and Fridays for Women and on Wednesdays & Saturdays for Men. 

The Krya Abhyanga Oil can be used for Abyanga for adults and the Krya ubtans should be used post abhyanga to wash off the excess oil, and clean the skin extremely well. An abhyanga is best combined with a hair oiling and wash.  

Sizing & Number of Uses per pack

This is a 100 gm pack. This pack will last for 7 – 10 washes depending upon the length of the hair. This is a cruelty free and vegan product – uses only plants and not any animal derived ingredients.

6. Krya Zesty Hair Wash - Classic ( 100 gm )

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  • The Krya Zesty hair wash has been researched and formulated over 5 years and tested with great success among our test panel.
  • We have used a mix of both traditional and unusual herbs to make up our hair wash
  • Every herb has been chosen for its hair & scalp cleansing and soothing properties.
  • We use only organically grown or pure forest collected herbs in all our Hairwash. This not only helps improve our products efficacy but also helps us stay true to our principle of being a truly environmentally sustainable company.
  • Each herb has been carefully processed separately in order to retain its unique nutrient benefits. A batch of Krya hair wash takes over 2 weeks to clean, cure, separately process and blend before it reaches you.
  • The Krya Zesty Hairwash is a uniquely natural formulation – we use ONLY herbs to make this formulation and every single ingredient has been declared on the pack. There are no other synthetic builders, fillers, colours, surfactants, silicones , preservatives  or fragrances that have been added to the product. Every single ingredient comes from some part of a plant and has been minimally manufactured to retain its nutrients.



  • The Krya Zesty hairwash is a gentle hair and scalp cleanser.
  • It does not contain suspect and potentially harmful ingredients like SLS, SLES, parabens and synthetic fragrances.
  • The Krya Zesty hairwash works to cleanse hair and scalp thoroughly, even when oiled, without stripping hair of natural oils.
  • The natural plant conditioners in the formulation leave your hair feeling smooth , conditioned and manageable.
  • The grey water from the use of this product can be easily recycled or re-directed into your garden.


Complete List of Ingredients

1. Certified Organic

    • Indian Gooseberry

       2. Organic but not certified

    • Albizia , Peppermint, Thyme , Moringa, Fenugreek , Soapberry 

        3. Forest  Collected

    • Sweet flag , Chebulic Myrobalan , Beleric Myrobalan , Nutgrass, Cassia Flower


  1. Make a thick paste using 1- 2 tablespoons of the Krya hair-wash in a small amount of water
  2. Apply this paste to your hair instead of a shampoo.
  3. Rinse well until the paste is completely washed off.
  4.  If you have oiled your hair, wash twice.
  5. No Need to use a conditioner.