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Krya conditioning Hair Wash ( 200 gm)

Krya Conditioning Hairwash ( 100 gm)

Quick Overview

Is your hair curly? perpetually dry? Full of static when you comb it? Does it tangle easily? Does it break when you brush / comb it, tug at it or wash it? Has it often been described as "vekkal" or straw ? Have you been religiously using conditioners, leave-on serums and intensive repair products on your hair on the advice of your stylist and still seeing no change? Does even using a so called gentle baby shampoo leave your hair feeling dried out?

The Myth of the Gentle and Conditioning Shampoo: 
Unlike what synthetic shampoos tell you, using a shampoo and conditioner will not give you healthy or well nourished hair. The purpose of a hair wash product is to cleanse your hair of oil, dead cells and debris. This cleansing has to be done without altering the pH of the scalp and hair, without damaging the delicate cuticular structure of your hair, and without altering the working of your sebaceous glands.

However, time and again we have seen how this delicate balance of the hair and scalp is shattered repeatedly by the use of a synthetic shampoo. The primary surfactants in any synthetic shampoo (SLS and SLeS) are extremely harsh, synthetic degreasing agents developed for industrial cleaning. Here’s the crucial point here: even if you are buying a SLS free or sulphate free synthetic shampoo, you are still buying a shampoo whose primary ingredient is a commercial surfactant. A commercial surfactant is designed to do one thing and one thing only – remove oil and remove dirt. By the nature of this format which is application plus immediately rinsing, it is untrue to expect any delivery of nutrition, health or well being.

Then why does your hair temporarily feel smooth and glossy after using a shampoo?  

 All of us buy into this shampoo hair health myth because of a single reason: silicones / artificial conditioning agents. The irony is that silicones were first added to shampoos in order to smoothen out hair that was damaged by the harshness of shampoos. As shampoos started out being alkaline, they tampered with hair’s structure and caused damage in the cuticular structure leaving hair drier, frizzier and full of static. Silicones and other conditioning agents and pH adjusting agents were added to shampoo formulations to smoothen over these defects. Please note the use of the word “smoothen over” – the silicones do not heal or repair but simply added an artificial smooth layer over the damaged hair that mislead you into believing that your hair is actually healthy.

 So when we begin washing and over washing our hair with a synthetic shampoo, our hair feels smooth and shiny because of the silicones in the shampoo. The hair also looks glossy for a while and we are fooled into believing that our hair is healthy and full of life. Soon, the excessive oiliness on the scalp, the thinning of the hair, the fact that the hair breaks easily and the hairfall now make us understand that the smoothness and glossiness we were temporarily fooled by were just decoys – our hair is in real danger.

The Krya difference : using the first principles dictated by Ayurveda 

Ayurveda teaches us that hair that is curly generally tends to be drier than straight hair. Also, people where vata dosha is dominant tend to have drier hair, scalps and skin. Therefore the Krya extra conditioning haircare range is designed for curly hair or for people with predominantly a vata constitution. 

The Krya conditioning hairwash powder is a sulphate and synthetic surfactant free hairwash that especially suits the kind of hair and scalp we have described. Unlike synthetic shampoos filled with external silicones, the Krya hairwash is neither harsh nor does it simply coat the external surface of hair.

Because of the deep conditioning herbs and gentle herb surfactants that are used in this Hairwash, the product is gentle on vata constitution driven hair. The high proportion of conditioning herbs ensures that hair remains tangle free with regular use. The gentle surfactants and natural acidic nature of the product ensure that the cuticular structure of hair remains undamaged and the hair retains its natural gloss and shine. The product also does not dry out hair or strip scalp of sebum - so with regular use you will find that scalp itchiness, flaking and dryness reduce and hair tends to break less. 

About the Krya conditioning hairwash:

Made from a carefully researched and tested formulation that uses 21 ayurvedic herbs to cleanse, naturally condition, restore gloss and shine and remove bacteria and fungi from the scalp.

Controlling scalp and hair dryness:

We strongly recommend using this hairwash along with the Krya Conditioning hair oil for visible results on balancing vata dosha and controlling hair static frizziness, dryness and to promote hair growth. A regular abhyanga also helps those with a predominant vata constitution.

Sizing & Prices :
This is a 100 gram pack.  This pack will last for 7 – 10 washes depending upon the length of the hair. This is a cruelty free and vegan product – uses only plants and not any animal derived ingredients.


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The Krya hairwash has been designed for curly hair that tends towards frizziness, has a lot of static, and tends to be dry from within and break easily. In Ayurveda we generally classify this kind of hair under a vata prone constitution. This kind of hair gets damaged very quickly when subjected to synthetic shampoos, silicone based conditioners , heat, and chemical treatments. The nature of vata dosha is rough an dry, and Ayurveda advises the use of specific herbs to control this rough, dry and coarse nature of Vata dosha.

The Krya hairwash for example uses extremely gentle surfactants in a carefully formulated proportion to ensure that delicate hair and scalp is not stripped further of sebum or moisture. We also use a high proportion of gloss enhancing and conditioning herbs to retain the elasticity, cuticular structure and health of hair. Vata prone hair responds extremely well to regular oiling with the right kind of herbs. We have seen that use of the Krya extra conditioning hair oil along with the Krya extra conditioning hairwash help make this kind of hair more manageable, regain strength and improve in health.

Please consider use of the Krya extra conditioning hair system if your hair is extremely dry and unmanageable. This system includes the Krya extra conditioning hair oil, the Krya extra conditioning hairwash and the Krya extra conditioning hair mask.



  • The Krya Zesty hair wash - Conditioning has been carefully researched and formulated for hair that is normally dry , frizzy and needs extra conditioning.
  • This variant works well with the Krya Extra Conditioning Hair Oil. If you do oil your hair heavily before bath, rinse twice with this product for best results.
  • We have used a mix of both traditional and unusual herbs to make up our hair wash and each herb has been chosen for its gentle cleansing or hair softening properties.
  • We use only organically grown or pure forest collected herbs in all our Hairwash. This not only helps improve our products efficacy but also helps us stay true to our principle of being a truly environmentally sustainable company.
  • Each herb has been carefully processed separately in order to retain its unique nutrient benefits. A batch of Krya hair wash takes over 2 weeks to clean, cure, separately process and blend before it reaches you.
  • The Krya conditioning hairwash is a uniquely natural formulation – we use ONLY herbs to make this formulation and every single ingredient has been declared on the pack. There are no other synthetic builders, fillers, colours, surfactants, silicones , preservatives  or fragrances that have been added to the product. Every single ingredient comes from some part of a plant and has been minimally manufactured to retain its nutrients.



  • The Krya conditioning hairwash is a gentle hair and scalp cleanser.
  • It does not contain suspect and potentially harmful ingredients like SLS, SLES, parabens and synthetic fragrances and orks to cleanse hair and scalp thoroughly without stripping hair of natural oils. 
  • The natural plant conditioners in the formulation leave your hair feeling smooth , conditioned and manageable.
  • The grey water from the use of this product can be easily recycled or re-directed into your garden.


Complete List of Ingredients

  1. Certified Organic - Indian Gooseberry , Lemon, Curry Leaf, White Eclipta, Brahmi
  2. Organic but not certified – Heritage Mung bean, Heritage Urad bean, Heritage Rice, Albizia, Dwarf copperleaf, Hibiscus Leaf, Hibiscus flower, Heritage Fenugreek
  3. Forest  Collected – Soapberry (2 indigenous varieties), Shikakai, Sweetflag, Nutgrass, Indian Sarsaparilla, Indian Liquorice, Indian Madder
Hairwash usage instructions
  1. Make a mildly thick paste with the Krya hairwash - it should look like runny dosa batter and should drip from your hand.
  2. Wet your hair extremely well. Takes 3 - 4 mugs of water to do this for shoulder length hair. Synthetic shampoos containing wetting agents, so you can actually use the shampoo almost directly on hair without too much wetting. With a natural hairwash like ours, thehair has to be completely wet - hair tends to swell when fully wet, which makes efficient washing easier.
  3. Apply the paste in sections all over the scalp first. Once you have covered the whole scalp concentrate on the hair length. It is not important to thoroughly scrub hair length but it is important to cover scalp and head well as this is the source of dirt, oil and dandruff.
  4. If you have oiled your hair, the paste will not have any foam the first time. The product foams only when excess oil and dirt have been removed from your scalp and hair. If you have oiled your hair heavily, please use the product twice. If you have cleaned well the first time, you should see foam during the second application - you can make the paste much more runny for the second time.
  5. Rinse well in cool water (as cold as you can manage). This seals the hair shaft well - hot water breaks open the hair shaft and fries it (hair is a protein like an egg, so heat cooks it). Use your hand shower or your hands to gentle guide the product from your scalp / head down the length of your hair and out. At this stage, unlike a synthetic shampoo, your hair will NOT feel thick, conditioned or synthetically smooth. 
  6. Towel / air dry your hair. Do not rub vigorously. Do not comb when wet.
  7. Once dry, your hair should feel light, clean, without any static. Your scalp should feel soothed and not itchy. as mentioned, your hairshould still feel clean 1 / 2 days after washing -and your need to wash should reduce.
Some differences you should expect from the Krya hairwash
  1. If you do not rinse thoroughly, you may have some product residue in the hair. This falls out during combing / drying and will do no harm to your hair.
    • Why this occurs: We have a few constraints when designing our hairwash. we usewhole powdered herbs as traditional medicine (and our experience) tells that that this conserves the nutrient properties of the herbs extremely well. But this means that this is a non-dissolving product, which means that there will be some amount of residue still left over if not rinsed out properly. This rinsing process is a habit - it takes a few tries and usually our consumers get the hang of it over 4 - 5 washes. 
  2. Your hair will feel different compared to using a synthetic shampoo+conditioner after a wash - Synthetic shampoos are designed withhair coating agents like silicones to mask the damage done to the cuticular structure. The SLS / SLeS in the shampoo tends to break the cuticular scales -so if you examine shampooed hair under a microscope it will have a serrated edge and not a smooth appearance. This weakens hair structure and causes it to break easily and go dry. The silicone "conditioning" agents in the shampoo add a thin layer on top of this broken cuticular structure - so when you run your hand through hair it appears to be smooth. However, this silicone does not penetrate or repair hair - it simply adds a layer on top of hair, so the hair is still structurally weak.
  3. How your hair will feel after a Krya wash: Your hair should feel clean, light, not weighed down, yet should have no static when you comb it. Most importantly your scalp should feel cool, soothed and not itchy after you wash. Also, your hair should not get greasy quickly after a wash and you should be able to go longer without having to wash your hair when you use the Krya hairwash. This is a sign that the hair's sebum ecosystem is in balance. 
  4. If there is oil remaining on your hair this product will not foam - which is an indicator of whether there is still excess oil on your hair or not.
  1. Absolutely amazing ! review by Jinali on 7/8/17

    This is such a great shampoo! Hair comes out so clean without any signs of itching on the scalp and the dandruff problem I had is already gone with only 4 hair washes with this Krya shampoo. Also when one takes a look at the ingredients , what an exhausting list ! I had to google up all the ingredients that go in this Shampoo! And the Krya shampoo's quality is so unbelievably good! Love you guys !

  2. Completely Satisfied! review by Ramya Srinivasan on 4/21/17

    This is one another wonderful product from Krya. I have been using the Conditioning Hair oil and Conditioning Hair Wash for a few weeks now. Its truly refreshing and the hair texture is much softer now. Requires two full cycles of application and rinse for a well-oiled hair though. But worth that effort especially when it is 100% chemical free and does so much good to your hair!
    The detailed descriptions and life style recommendations on each page is commendable. The Krya Team has been quite responsive in guiding me through the right set of products. Thank you Krya!

  3. I love washing my hair with Krya review by Dia Pinto on 5/12/16

    Dear Krya team, thank you so much for what you've created. Am absolutely loving my baths..the hair ubtan is amazing for post oil wash, the conditioning hair wash powder is perfect for regular washes..my hair is healthy shiny and happee.. Now thank you for the new Beta post wash powder it's fabulous..I've tried one wash with it.. Couldn't keep it on for more than 10mins as I was in a hurry..but still..the overall aroma is lovely..it feels smooth and silky while massaging onto my hair as a mask..and my hair looked Good!..people in office remarked on my hair lookin glossy!.. Today will be washing it and as advised keeping it on for 20-30mins..will let u know how it goes...

  4. Absolutely love it! review by Shalini A Kattukaran on 5/12/16

    I am a regular user of the Krya conditioning hairwash and I absolutely love it !

  5. Absolutely divine! review by Anpu Somnath on 5/12/16

    Krya hair and the face wash is DIVINE!!
    Love it...my skin and hair are happy and smiling. Loved the personal note. Thank you. Looking fwd to carrying lots of goodies to Atlanta..

  6. Finally a truly organic shampoo with good conditioning effect review by Sneha on 5/7/16

    A year back , I started looking for organic shampoos which did not have any ingredient which had a chemical sounding name .Most products in the market use common chemical ingredients although they claim to be organic and natural . Now for my experience with Kyra conditioning shampoo . Unlike other shampoos, it did not lather much and since the shampoo is in powder form , it did take more water to remove the residues from the hair . I think it's best to put your hair under the tap and let the residues run off . After my hair dried , it's much more soft as compared to with regular shampoos & conditioner . Within next 6 hours , the hair becomes soft and really conditioned . I guess the natural oils were able to come back much sooner and my hair becomes perfectly nice with its manageable and soft waves .

    Thanks Kyra for the product and I am happy my quest for the truly organic shampoo is over .

  7. My husband loves your hair wash ! review by Seetha A.V. on 2/24/16

    My husband loves your hair wash. He is a very very difficult person to impress!!

  8. DIVINE !! review by Anpu S on 2/23/16

    Krya hair and the face wash is DIVINE!! Love it...my skin and hair are happy and smiling. Loved the personal note Thank you.

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