Krya Classic Hair Wash - Normal - Oily hair ( 200 gm )

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Is your hair perpetually having a bad hair day? Does it look limp and greasy all the time? Do you “need” to wash it everyday / frequently for your hair to look its best? 

Synthetic shampoos contain a potent cocktail of cheap degreasing detergents, thickeners, fragrances , paraben based preservatives and lots of water – this potent cocktail is responsible for stripping hair of its natural sebum, damaging your hair’s cuticular structure, slowing hair growth and leaving hair dry, frizzy and brittle OR super oily, limp and extremely attractive to fungus leading in dandruff. 

But is there a life without a modern shampoo, you may ask? 


Remember the modern shampoo was invented only in 1920, and it was almost completely based on SLS and SLeS , two cheap, common, degreasing detergents used to wash your car – this formulation HAS NOT Changed even today. Way before someone even figured out that what washed your hair was good enough to wash your hair, India had a sophisticated system of Ayurveda and Siddha which had perfected the secrets of cleaning and caring for hair and ensuring healthy hair growth – so much so that Indian hair continues to be in demand all over the world to make artificial wigs! 

Try the new Krya Classic Hairwash

The Krya Classic hairwash is a tradition-inspired natural formulation to clean and care for hair . Inspired by the health-giving systems of Indian traditional medicine, Krya Classic has been tested and formulated over 5 years using a unique combination of cleaning and hair and scalp nourishing herbs. 

The Krya Classic hairwash works well to gently and thoroughly cleanse hair and scalp without stripping it of natural oils. Keeps hair naturally conditioned so there is no need to use any synthetic conditioner after this product. Most users report seeing a decrease in hair dryness, increase in hair health , improvement in hair growth, reduction in dry scalp, reduction in split ends and most importantly reduction in scalp and hair oiliness post wash after switching to the Krya Classic Hair wash. 

As recommended by Ayurveda, the Krya Classic Hairwash is best used with our specially formulated Krya Classic hair oil. We also recommend regular use of the Krya Classic hair mask with nourishing and hair health increasing herbs. We also have on offer the Krya Classic Hair Nourishing System which comes with all 3 of these products at a special bundle price. 

 What kind of hair does this product work best with

  1. The Krya Classic Hair wash works best for straight or wavy hair that is NOT extremely dry and tends to get greasy quite fast. 

  2.  If your hair and scalp tends to be extremely dry, has a lot of spilt ends, tangles easily, breaks easily, is very curly and generally feels rough and coarse, we recommend using the Krya extra conditioning hair system instead.

  3.  If you have stubborn dandruff, we recommend that you treat the dandruff FIRST with the Krya Anti Dandruff System before coming back to this product range.

  4.  If your hair has been chemically damaged (frequently coloured with synethetic hair colours, straightened or permed), we recommend you use the Krya Damage repair Hair system FIRST, before coming back to this product range. 

  5.  If you have had hair loss due to a long illness, severe medication , we recommend you use this product along with the Krya Intense Hair Oil.

Other recommended regimes for encouraging overall health and hair health

We strongly recommend a regular abhyanga for good body ehalth and hair health. A regular abhyanga detoxifies the body, balances the doshas , and improves skin and hair health dramatically. An abhyanga is recommended to be done on Tuesdays and Fridays for Women and on Wednesdays & Saturdays for Men. 

The Krya Abhyanga Oil can be used for Abyanga for adults and the Krya ubtans should be used post abhyanga to wash off the excess oil, and clean the skin extremely well. An abhyanga is best combined with a hair oiling and wash.  

Sizing & Number of Uses per pack

This is a 200 gm pack. This pack will last for 8 - 10 washes depending upon the length of the hair. This is a cruelty free and vegan product – uses only plants and not any animal derived ingredients.

Krya Classic Hair Wash - Normal - Oily hair ( 200 gm )

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What goes into a regular synthetic shampoo?

An average shampoo contains many ingredients that are designed to give you a super convenient and easy wash. For example, a synthetic shampoo uses a syndet surfactant or a synthetic detergent surfactant that gives you copious lather and removes sebum, dirt and grime from our hair and scalp. This syndet could be a lauryl sulphate (SLS), a Laureth sulphate (SLeS) like Sodium Laureth sulphate, or even an amphoteric detergent like Cocamidopropyl betaine and sodium lauraminopropionate.

No matter what syndet is used, the result is usually the same – much more lather than a natural surfactant and extreme cleansing even when using the supposedly “mild” surfactant groups. The result of this over efficient cleansing in the moderate to long term is symptoms ranging from dandruff to hair breakage and dry, lifeless hair. But in the short term , a syndet surfactant gives you the kind of cleansing we are all unfortunately used to and seem to love – loads of thick foam, and an instant “squeaky clean” feeling on hair in a very short period of time.

The second set of chemicals in an average shampoo is the chemical thickener. Carbomer thickeners and Mineral thickeners like silica and Magnesium aluminium silicate give a synthetic shampoo its thick, lotion like texture – this helps create an even , creamy feeling product which is glides easily over hair. Sometimes formulas which claim “extra conditioning” also used synthetics like Cetyl Alcohol and stearyl alcohol to give this cream like feeling on hair.

Foam boosters are the next set of chemicals a shampoo contains. These are usually secondary surfactants added to the primary synthetic surfactant to give you even more foam. These include chemicals like Lauramide DEA or Cocamidopropyl Betaine.

Conditioning agents are the other commonly found set of chemicals in your synthetic shampoo. Ironically these chemical ingredients are added to counteract the harsh effects of the primary surfactant and foam booster which is usually so harsh that hair is left feeling dry and damaged. It is important to note that conditioning agents simply form a synthetic external coating on hair like a plastic wrap. This makes you believe that your hair is smooth and undamaged and is simply a cosmetic illusion as this coating hides the damage within.


How does repeated use of a synthetic shampoo harm hair?

Many of us have come to appreciate the feeling of using a synthetic shampoo. A shampoo and a conditioner give the hair an instant feeling of smoothness. There is no external serration or roughness when we wash or comb our hair.

However, with repeated washing, we notice that the sebum secretion in the hair either becomes excessive or very poor. So as a result we suffer from either extremely oily hair or very dry scalp and hair with constant itching and flaking. There is also a slowing down in hair growth. We may also notice hair breakage, frizziness and hair thinning.


What goes into the Krya classic hairwash?

A synthetic shampoo mainly has 3 kinds of ingredients: a detergent to clean hair, silicones to coat hair and hide the damage caused by the detergent and colours and fragrances to trick you into thinking the shampoo is a luxurious and safe product to use.

The Krya Classic hairwash on the other hand has many different kinds of herbs for various functions: herbs like Azadarichta indica (Nimba) release excess heat, Acacia concinna (Shikakai) gently removes excess oil and dirt, Terminalia chebula (Haritaki) restores the acid mantle of hair, Phyllanthus emblica (Amla) improves hair growth, and Cyperus rotundus (musta) cleans the srotas (minor skin openings) in the scalp well so that the scalp is able to perform all its normal functions.

All these functions are achieved using edible grains and lentils and carefully chosen, hair improving herbs.


What does NOT go into the Krya Classic hairwash:

The Krya Classic hairwash is an ALL-NATURAL, COMPLETELY WHOLE PLANT based product. The product is guaranteed to be synthetics free : Therefore, NO SLS , SLeS, Parabens, Silicones, Synthetic fragrances, Foam boosters, thickeners, colours, microbeads, coal tar, Triclosan, PH adjusters, extracts.

Differences between Ayurvedic hair care and synthetic hair care

There are a few critical differences between Ayurvedic hair care and synthetic chair care. For one, there are no herbs chosen purely for “fragrance”, lather” or “providing a good experience”.


For example, the Krya Classic hair wash uses shade dried red rose petals which have a beautiful natural fragrance. The rose is used in the formulation to balance excess pitta on the scalp, and provide an astringent effect on the scalp so that the hair is able to deeply root into the scalp.


Similarly, an Ayurvedic hair care product will not contain fake ingredients like silicones to hide hair damage. So when you first move to a natural hair care product like one of Krya’s hair washes, your hair may seem much rougher than it did when washing it with a synthetic shampoo. This is merely the truth. What your Krya natural hairwash is revealing is the current , damaged state of your hair.


However, with careful oil application, a good diet and a consistent use of our hairwash products, many of our consumers have observed a reversal in this hair damage. In 1 – 2 months, your hair will start feeling much smoother and in better health as the damaged cuticles have been assisted in repairing themselves.


Also, an Ayurvedic hair wash product like Krya’s hairwash can seem much more difficult to apply on the hair and scalp at first. This is because our hairwash is formulated without synthetic emulsifiers and thickeners which give synthetic shampoo its heft and thickness. As with all good things, it takes a little bit of practice to get used to this format. Along with the obvious hair benefits, by eschewing the use of these synthetics we are also able to reduce the toxic load on your body by using purely herbs, lentils and grains in our hairwash products.


Complete List of Ingredients

  1. Certified Organic : Trigonella foenum-graecum (Methika), Oryza sativa native (Mapilai samba variety), Cassia auriculata (Avartaki), Murraya koenigii (Krishna nimba)
  2. Organic but not certified : Vigna radiata (Mugda), Cassia obovata (Swarnapatri), Lawsonia inermis (Madayantika)
  3. Forest  Collected : Terminalia arjuna (arjuna), Terminalia bellirica (Vibhitaki), Terminalia chebula (Haritaki), Phyllanthus emblica (Amla), Acorus calamus (Vacha),  Azadirichta indica (Nimba), Ocimum sanctum (purple - krishna tulasi), Cyperus rotundus (Mushta), Rosa damascena (patalam), Acacia catechu (Khadira), Alkanna tinctoria (ratanjot), /sapindus trifoliatus (Arishta), Sapindus mukorossi (Arishta), Acacia concinna (Charmakansa), Hibiscus rosa-sinensis (Japa - leaf & flower)


The Krya Classic hairwash - normal - oily hair is formulated completely differently from synthetic shampoos. As this product is a low foam product, cleansing is adsorption based (makes a physical bond with oil and dirt and is rinsed off) and not detergent based (creates foam and lather with hyrophobic end that adheres to oil and sebum) . This means the product has to be coated onto scalp and hair properly so it can sponge off excess oil. 

This process involves a learning curve, and usually takes 2 - 4 attempts of using the product to figure out exactly how to work the product through hair.

Why bother?

Krya's hairwash range is the ONLY truly natural, whole plant based range of products. Our hairwashes cleanse without drying our natural sebum, do not damage the cuticular structure of hair, and help balance sebum secretions and encourage natural hair growth.


How to use the Krya Classic hairwash : 

  • Make a mildly thick paste with the Krya hairwash - it should look like runny dosa batter and should drip slightly from your hand.


  • Wet your hair extremely well. It takes 3 - 4 mugs of water to do this for shoulder length hair. Synthetic shampoos containing wetting agents, so you can actually use the shampoo almost directly on hair without too much wetting. With a natural hairwash like ours, the hair has to be completely wet - hair tends to swell when fully wet, which makes efficient washing easier.


  • Apply the paste in sections all over the scalp first. Once you have covered the whole scalp concentrate on the hair length. It is not important to thoroughly scrub hair length but it is important to cover scalp and head well as this is the source of dirt, oil and dandruff.


  • If you have oiled your hair, the paste will not have any foam the first time. The product foams only when excess oil and dirt have been removed from your scalp and hair. If you have oiled your hair heavily, please use the product twice. If you have cleaned well the first time, you should see foam during the second application - you can make the paste much more runny for the second time.


  • If you have over washed hair, your hair will squeak when being rinsed. Remeber when hair squeaks, it is stripped dry of its protective oils – remember to control this the next time you wash.


  • Rinse well in cool water (as cold as you can manage). This seals the hair shaft well - hot water breaks open the hair shaft and fries it (hair is a protein like an egg, so heat cooks it). Use your hand shower or your hands to gentle guide the product from your scalp / head down the length of your hair and out. At this stage, unlike a synthetic shampoo, your hair will NOT feel thick, conditioned or synthetically smooth.


  • Towel / air dry your hair. Do not rub vigorously. Do not comb when wet.


  • Once dry, your hair should feel light, clean, without any static. Your scalp should feel soothed and not itchy. as mentioned, your hair should still feel clean 1 / 2 days after washing -and your need to wash should reduce.

Some differences you should expect from the Krya hairwash:

Rinse throughly:
If you do not rinse thoroughly, you may have some product residue in the hair. This falls out during combing / drying and will do no harm to your hair.


Most of us do not rinse our hair properly. This is because a synthetic shampoo does not show up when we do not rinse properly, so we assume our scalp is clean. The truth is , research says that SLS from synthetic shampoos usually stays for upto 7 days on the scalp and builds up after each wash, irritating the scalp.


We have a few constraints when designing our hairwash. we use whole powdered herbs as traditional medicine (and our experience) tells that that this conserves the nutrient properties of the herbs extremely well. But this means that this is a non-dissolving product, which means that there will be some amount of residue still left over if not rinsed out properly. This rinsing process is a habit that is learned.


Your hair will feel different compared to a synthetic shampoo wash: 
Synthetic shampoos are designed with hair coating agents like silicones to mask the damage done to the cuticular structure. The SLS / SLeS in the shampoo tends to break the cuticular scales. If you examine shampooed hair under a microscope it will have a serrated edge and not a smooth appearance. This weakens hair structure and causes it to break easily and go dry.

The silicone "conditioning" agents in the shampoo add a thin layer on top of this broken cuticular structure - so when you run your hand through hair it appears to be smooth. However, this silicone does not penetrate or repair hair - it simply adds a layer on top of hair, so the hair is still structurally weak.


How your hair will feel after a Krya wash: 
Your hair should feel clean, light, not weighed down, yet should have no static when you comb it. Most importantly your scalp should feel cool, soothed and not itchy after you wash. Also, your hair should not get greasy quickly after a wash and you should be able to go longer without having to wash your hair when you use the Krya hairwash. This is a sign that the hair's sebum ecosystem is in balance. 


If there is oil remaining on your hair this product will not foam - which is an indicator of whether there is still excess oil on your hair or not.