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Krya Natural Hair Colour - Truffle Brown (200 g)

Quick Overview

Looking for a clean, toxin and synthetic free, and completely natural way to colour your hair? Are you delaying your root touch up to avoid harsh chemicals? Are you worried about the impact of hair colouring on your body / unborn child?

Synthetic hair colours ARE worrisome. They have been implicated in a whole host of disorders including non Hodgkins lymphoma, bladder cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, contact dermatitis and accelerated development of cataracts. Even if you have experienced none of the above, what you would have experienced is dry, rough and damaged hair with high hairfall and poor hair growth with repeated hair colouring. 

Presenting Krya’s natural hair colour – Truffle Brown 
Developed by us in-house over a year’s testing, this all natural , whole herb based hair colour uses safe Ayurvedic herbs to give your hair a rich, natural truffle brown shade without the side effects. Krya’s natural hair colour is a semi permanent shade that dyes the hair cuticle and does not penetrate the hair shaft or the cortex. Our testing indicates that the colour gradually fades anytime between 2 – 4 weeks depending upon how fast your hair grows and the frequency of hair washing. 

Repeated colouring with the Krya natural hair colour – truffle brown deepens your colour giving it a rich shade. 

As with all Krya products, the Krya hair colours are also synthetics free – the Krya hair colour range contains ONLY Ayurvedic herbs. They do not contain PPD, Ammonia, Resorcinol, tetrahydro-6-nitroquinoxaline, Eugenol, Coal Tar, Formaldehyde, DMDM Hydantoin, Eugenol, or ANY SYNTHETIC CHEMICAL. 

Krya’s hair colours are also free from metallic salts and contain only hand-picked, sorted, sun dried and carefully processed Ayurvedic herbs. We process our herbs from scratch, choosing only the best quality materials. The formulations have been developed in-house after rigorous testing done over a year on human hair swatches, in-house volunteers and an independent consumer panel. 

This is a 200 gm pack. The product is vegan and cruelty free as are all of Krya’s products.

Shade description:

The Krya Truffle Brown shade is a rich shade of dark brown-black . This suits people with Pitta type type hair that is naturally a brownish black shade. This shade is lighter than our natural black shade which also has hints of brown. We expect good grey coverage in this shade - grey coverage is slightly lower compared to our black shades. If your grey proprtion is very high, we suggest that you try one of our black shades, or re-apply this colour twice within a week to achieve the desired coverage. (More information is given below).


Important: differences between natural hair colours and synthetic hair dyes

Please read the detailed description below for details about what goes into this product. Natural hair colours work slightly differently from synthetic hair colours. Please read the description below to understand what you can expect from your Krya hair colour. The final shade you get on your hair could vary slightly depending upon the natural colour of your hair. 


Please go through our extensive "How to Use" tab and our "FAQ" tab to understand how to use your Krya hair colour to get the best out of it. 

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Krya’s natural hair colour - truffle brown is a semi permanent shade. The  colour gradually fades anytime between 2 – 4 weeks depending upon how fast your hair grows and the frequency of hair washing.  The Krya natural hair colour is formulated with Henna which binds naturally to your hair. Therefore repeated colouring deepens the colour further, giving better coverage and a richer shade.


Every herb used in the Krya hair colour range is documented for hair use in the Ayurvedic texts. The product is therefore completely natural, completely safe and can be used even during pregnancy or breastfeeding.


Important: Every person reacts differently to a given set of ingredients, even completely natural ingredients like ours.  Please follow the precautions listed in “How to use” tab before every use of the Krya natural hair colour product.


Shade variations when using a natural hair colour:

Synthetic hair dyes give you an even shade by first bleaching out all existing colour from your hair and then adding the synthetic colour to your hair. This is why the colour you get after a synthetic hair colour / dye is even and the same shade is present throughout your hair.


A natural hair colour simply coats your existing hair with the shade you have chosen. The dye uptake varies depending upon the grey percentage in your hair and how your individual hair strands react to the herbs in the hair colour.


So while we have tested the hair colour on human hair swatches, you can expect slight variations in the colour on your hair. We do not expect these variations to be too different from the hair colour we have achieved. Also, depending upon the grey percentage in your hair, you can see variations in the colour across your hair. Grey hair usually is much more intensely coloured and visible – black or dark hair tends to take on the colour much like highlights or tints. These variations even out over repeated hair colouring.


The Krya natural hair colours are best used with:

To ensure hair health and retain hair colour longer, we recommend you use the Krya Hair Colour Hair Oil, the Krya hair colour hair mask, and the Krya Hair colour hair wash along with this product. If you are already using other Krya haircare products, look for suggestions on how you can continue to use this along with the Krya hair colour in our “how to use” tab


Free from synthetics & Metallic salts:

As with all Krya products, the Krya hair colours are also synthetics free – the Krya hair colour range contains ONLY Ayurvedic herbs. They do not contain PPD, Ammonia, Resorcinol, tetrahydro-6-nitroquinoxaline, Eugenol, Coal Tar, Formaldehyde, DMDM Hydantoin, Eugenol, or ANY SYNTHETIC CHEMICAL.


Krya’s hair colours are also free from metallic salts and contain only hand-picked, sorted, sun dried and carefully processed Ayurvedic herbs. We process our herbs from scratch, choosing only the best quality materials. The formulations have been developed in-house after rigorous testing done over a year on human hair swatches, in-house volunteers and an independent consumer panel.


Ingredients (This is a declaration of 100% of the contents of this product):

1.  Certified Organic : Trigonella foenum-graecum (Fenugreek / Methi seeds) , Syzygioum aromaticum (clove buds)
2.  Organic but not certified : Lawsonia inermis (Henna leaf), Indigofera tinctoria (Indigo leaf)
3.  Forest Collected : Alkanna tinctoria (Ratanjot), Acacia Catechu (Khadira bark and stem), Rubia cordifolia (Madder / Manjishta) , Phyllanthus embelica (Indian Gooseberry / Amla), Bacopa monneiri (Brahmi)


 Special note:

 While all the above ingredient are safe and used as per references found in Ayurvedic texts, it is a best practice to test for possible allergic reactions before use. Please follow instructions given in the “how to use” tab for the patch test before first use.



Patch test to test for possible allergic reaction:

Although the Krya natural hair colour (as are all of Krya’s products) made completely from whole herbs, a patch test is a sensible precaution to take when trying out any new skin / hair product. We strongly recommend doing this atleast before the first time you use a Krya hair colour product as follows:

1. Wash a square patch of skin measuring an inch in height and breadth on the inside of your elbow, or a small round spot just behind your ear.  Wash this area well and dry it with a clean cloth / tissue. Apply the Krya hair colour as instructed below and leave it on for the recommended 2 hours.
2. After 2 hours, was of the colour application with plain water.
3. Monitor this area for 48 hours. If you feel any intense burning, intense itching, or see any inflammation or redness in the area, do not use the product.
4. If you experience no adverse symptoms or if you experience very mild itchiness or irritation that subsides quickly, you may go ahead and use the product.


Strand test:

 We strongly recommend doing a strand test before you colour your entire hair. This is because the dye uptake on your hair varies depending upon how porous it is (if you have high chemical damage), presence of metallic salts (from your water or your previous hair dye), the amount of greys in your hair, and how your individual hair responds to the plants in our hair colour.


The strand test gives you an idea of the colour you can expect from this application of hair colour. Do Remeber that as you begin to colour your hair with the Krya hair colour, the strand test results will vary. This is why we recommend doing a strand test before every application.


Choosing strands for your strand test:

We recommend choosing strands that are easy to isolate, yet will remain hidden under your hair to keep your results discrete. Choose a section of hair that has the same proportion of greys as the rest of your hair.  We recommend choosing a ½ inch section of hair.


Apply your Krya hair colour exactly as recommended to this section of hair. Leave it on for 2 hours and then rinse with plain water. The Krya hair colour shades take between 24 – 48 hours to develop. If you are satisfied with how the colour looks a day later, you may proceed to applying the colour for your complete head of hair.


How to use the Krya hair colour:


-  Oil your hair and scalp well, preferably with a Krya hair oil and wash thoroughly, preferably with a Krya hair wash. Do not use any synthetic conditioner. 

-  Ensure your hair is clean and free from any grease, oil or synthetic silicones as this interferes with the dye uptake

-  You can apply colour once your hair is naturally dry (avoid using a blow dryer that can damage your hair).

-  We recommend doing hair colouring in the day time and not the evening and night time to avoid mucous accumulation (this is because all the herbs used are    slightly cooling to the system).

-  Avoid using the Krya hair colour if you have a cold, or have a fever.

- Pre-colouring can be done either on the same day as colouring or a day before. Ensure you hair does not become oily / greasy before colouring as this will interfere with dye uptake in your hair.


Mixing the Krya hair colour:

- The Krya hair colour should be mixed with plain , clean, good quality water at room temperature that is free from metallic salts 

- Mix the colour using a glass / plastic bowl and a plastic spoon to avoid any metallic salt deposition / contamination into the colour. 

- Add enough water to make the colour mix a creamy, thick paste that can be easily applied on hair.

- Do not add any additives like curd, eggs, tea, lemon juice etc. Some of these will interfere with dye uptake. Also, as the Krya hair coloir is a blend of different herbs, adding strongly acidic herbs or liquids can interefer with the dye release of herbs like Indigo 

- Use the colour as soon as you have mixed it. The hair colour cannot be stored / frozen after mixing some of the herbs like Indigo oxidize and release dye within 20 minutes and are not effective after this time.

- Store the remaining dry hair colour powder by double bagging it in plastic and then storing it in a stainless steel / glass container. This is to ensure moisture and air does not enter the hair colour triggering dye release.


How much colour to mix?

- Chin length hair uses between 50 – 75 gm of hair colour depending upon hair thickness.

- Shoulder length hair generally uses 100 gm of colour

- Waist length hair (depending upon thickness uses either 200 g / 250 gm of colour



- Mix the Krya hair colour well using good quality water free from metallic salts. Metallic salts bind with the natural dye pigments in the colour causing greenish deposition on the hair. 

- Apply the colour immediately after mixing it. Section hair minutely, and apply the colour to ½ an inch thickness, ensuring every strand is well coated with the colour. Each section can be rolled up after coating it and further colour paste can be added on top of the rolled section to make it stay in place.

- Please use a professional henna / mehendi dye brush and not the normal dye brush. The henna brush has wider bristles and is able to give hair much better coverage. You can alternatively wear gloves and apply the colour using your hands on your hair. The colour will stain skin, so remember to cover any exposed skin before applying the colour. 

- Wrap the hair once you have finished applying the colour with saran wrap, a shower cap, a scarf, or an old towel. Your wrap should retain heat and moisture inside your hair and prevent your hair colour from drying up inside. This aids better dye deposition on hair. If the hair colour paste becomes dry, the dye deposition does not take place well.

- Leave the colour on for atleast 2 hours. You may leave the hair colour longer if you so desire (upto 4 – 5 hours). The longer you leave it on, the darker the shade you will get.


Rinsing out colour and the first wash:

- After 2 hours, rinse out hair thoroughly with plain water, that is as cool as you can take it.

- We repeat: Rinse hair THOROUGHLY with plain water – this may be slightly difficult as some part of the hair colour may have dried out on your scalp. Work your hands gently through your hair and scalp and moisten the scalp thoroughly to dislodge the colour. If you leave the colour on your scalp without rinsing it properly, it could stain your pillows or towels. 

- Do not use any hair product on your rinsed hair for atleast 2 – 3 days. This is because the Krya natural hair colour develops further on exposure to oxygen, so you will see the final shade of your hair only at this time. 

- For your first wash, apply the Krya hair colour mask on your hair. (Detailed use instructions are given on the Krya hair colour mask product page). You do not need any other hairwash or conditioner with this product. The Krya hair colour mask contains nourishing oils and colour strengthening herbs that help strengthen your hair’s colour and smoothens the cuticles as well.

- From the second wash onwards, we recommend though oiling of your hair with the Krya hair colour hair oil or any of our other hair oils before every wash.  Our oils contain mildly acidic natural herbs that deepen colour, restore shine and improve hair health.

- We also recommend washing your hair with the Krya hair colour hair wash or any of our other Krya hair washes to maintain hair health.

- We also recommend applying the Krya hair colour hair mask once a week post oiling, and pre hair wash to maintain your hair well.


Re-applying the Krya hair colour , Root application, etc

- The Krya hair colour can be re-applied 5 days after your previous hair colour application.

- Applying the colour 5 days after the previous hair colour application is recommended if you want better grey coverage or a deeper shade than what you have previously achieved.

- For other cases, you can re-apply colour to your roots alone as they fade or to your entire head of head.

- If you are re-applying colour to only a small portion of your hair, please note that the colour there will be much darker as the Krya natural hair colour deepens on every application.


Transitioning from chemical colours to the Krya natural hair colour:

- Chemically coloured hair tends to be much rougher and porous compared to healthy hair and this interferes with dye absorption. You have 2 options here:

- Option 1: Work on the hair for atleast a month before applying the Krya hair colour to heal it. The Krya Damage repair hair system is designed to heal chemically damaged hair.

- Option 2: Alternatively, you can incorporate the Krya Damage repair system into your hair colouring routine and slowly build up your hair colour over 4 – 5 applications. This takes a little longer than Option 1, but can be used if your hair is relatively less damaged, or if your are in a hurry to start natural colouring and don't mind uneven colouring for sometime. 

- You may not get the shade we have indicated in the first application if your hair is chemically damaged. This is because herbs like henna and indigo will fill the gaps in your damaged cuticles and will not give you an even shade through your hair.

- As your hair’s porosity reduces and it heals, you will be able to get a much more even shade. Of course, your hair itself will become much smoother, and less prone to breakage, and it will grow much better.


Hair roughness with henna:

Henna and Indigo bind to dye receptor areas that are found on the cuticle of the hair. Therefore the hair initially tends to feel rough after henna application. However, in our testing, we have found that this roughness is temporary and the hair regains its original texture with application of the Krya hair colour hair oil and use of the Krya hair colour hair wash.

With time, henna and indigo and the other herbs in the hair colour help strengthen hair and add to the natural shine and integrity of hair.


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