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Krya Intense Abhyanga Oil (Pacifies Vata Dosha)

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Q: Hi there. My mother suffers from vata-pitta type of eczema. She has been regularly doing Abhyanga once or twice a week using your Krya Abhyanga oil. Would this Intense oil benefit her more for treating her eczema or should she continue with the (non intense) Abhyanga oil? Incidentally, she recently started using Krya sensitive skin oil and it has definitely improved her condition, so much so that she has renewed belief in a permanent cure now!

Posted On: 4/9/18 By: Aarthi

A: Hi Aarthi, The regular Abhyanga oil would suffice for your Mum. In fact. Krya Sensitive skin oil would be quite vital in the improvement of skin health. I would suggest she use this over the Krya abhyanga oil, until the skin heals. The Krya Abhyanga oil can be used for other parts of the body. The Krya Intense Abhyanga oil is recommended for those with very aggravated vata dosha. This includes those who exercise / run regularly, post partum women, seniors with stiff joints, those prone to backache, etc. Hope this answers a question.
Q: What is the difference between the regular Krya Abhyanga Oil and this Intense version?

Posted On: 3/25/18 By: Aarthi

A: Hello Aarthi, The Krya Intense Abhyanga oil is formulated for very high vata dosha aggravation. This can occur in certain special conditions. For example, the post partum period, according to Ayurveda is very high in vata dosha. This needs to be managed and controlled so that this aggravated vata dosha does not seep throughout the body. Unmanaged vata dosha in post partum period leads to aggravated hair loss, and several osteo arthritic problems. This oil can also be used among people who have ostoeo arthritic conditions where vata dosha is extremely unbalanced. It is also suggested for those who undertake very high exercise - for example Marathon runners. Here due to excessive use of vata organs, there is aggravation of vata dosha. For all above cases, the Krya Intense abhyanga oil is much more suitable.