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Krya Colour conversations : Accelerated eye damage due to synthetic hair dyes

A 1981 study by the Ophthalmology department of the PIMER Institute, Chandigarh studied the effects of frequent hair dye application on the eyes. In 1981, this study concluded that repeated application of a PPD based dye meant that the PPD penetrated the blood aqueous barrier and rapidly damaged the eyes.


The research paper concluded, that one of the key optical damage done by PPD, was to accelerate the formation of cataract in the eyes of a synthetic dye user. By how much? 14 years!


So a hair dye user is likely to develop cataracts in their eyes atleast 14 years faster than a person who does not use hair dye.  Apart from early cataract, the Institute also speculated that consistent hair dye user hastened loss of flexibility in the lens leading to early presbyopia (long sightedness).


All synthetic hair colour brands sold today contain PPD. These brands divert your attention from PPD, by calling themselves “Ammonia free”. They also try and tell you that there is a “safe and low level” of PPD that can be used by you.


Obviously, there is no such thing.


Accelerated permanent eye damage – just another of the very long list of reasons to avoid synthetic hair dyes and colours.


And do we have an alternative to this nonsense at Krya? Yes, Yes , YES – and we launch super soon.


A happy, truly natural, toxin free Thursday to you from Krya.


Krya Colour conversation series: My Experiments with a natural hair colour

Krya Colour conversation series: My Experiments with a natural hair colour

In the last year we have created and tested 50 different hair colour formulation concepts in the Krya Colour Lab. Concept # 45 really wowed us and ticked all the right boxes – satisfactory dyeing of grey hair to black, softness, coverage and of course ease of application.   This intensive hair color testing processContinue Reading

Krya Saturday Update: 5 New products and a dark brown shade

It has been a super busy week at the Krya factory. The Hair Color project is in full swing, creating several shades of browns and reds. Our brown shades have come out spectacularly well, and we owe it all to some fine sleuthing and sourcing of high quality raw material by our purchase team. More aboutContinue Reading

The Krya Classic Hair nourishing system

The Krya Classic Hair nourishing system

“Dear Team Krya , thank u so much for your product. Both my daughters hair is so soft n beautiful. Couldn’t have asked for more. In love with your product. Thank u! Also I have to add the amount of hair fall has drastically reduced. When I used SS synthetic shampoo for them, esp my elderContinue Reading

The Krya Hair Colour project – part 1

The Krya Hair Colour project – part 1

A Krya natural hair colour is one of our top enquiries, after our enquiries on repairing damaged hair and growing strong hair. While we have been talking about the dangers of chemical dyes and hair colours sometime now, we decided only early this year that we would launch an alternative. The rich variety of hairContinue Reading

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