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Krya Colour Conversations: Transitioning from a chemical colour to the Krya natural hair colour

Krya Colour Conversations: Transitioning from a chemical colour to the Krya natural hair colour

Many of our consumers who plan to migrate to the Krya range of hair colours are folks who have been using synthetic colours for some time, some close to a decade.

1. hair damage with colouring

With periodic, long-term colouring , there is extensive scalp and hair damage . The nature of this damage also aggravates depending upon how much you deviated from your natural shade while colouring your hair with synthetics.


Natural structure of hair:

Hair shares a great deal of similarity with other protein based materials like fine wool and silk. Just like fine pashmina wool, hair also absorbs moisture and stretches slightly. However, the amount of moisture that hair can absorb is tightly controlled by the cuticular structure. Both the shape and design of the cuticular structure and the sebum secretions of the hair create this water repellent layer. wool and silk

This water repellent layer ensures that your hair does not absorb too much water and always bounces back to its original shape, just like your expensive woolen sweater.


The specific secretions that are produced by your hair are a unique combination of acidic substances, fatty acids and natural oils. The combination of these substances is called sebum, and sebum helps coat every strand of your hair making it water repellant.  Sebum also enhances your hair’s reflective surface making it glossy and shiny. It further acts as a lubricant and reduces friction on your hair so your hair does not generate static electricity, tangle easily, or become brittle when exposed to cold, wind and heat.

3.natural oils in hair

Sebum also coats your scalp and keeps your scalp at the right pH. This natural, mildly acidic pH keeps down the growth of invasive microorganisms that trigger scalp psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis.


So you would be able to understand through my description how well designed and self contained your scalp and hair is. In itself, it contains everything that is needed for your scalp to remain well moisturised, yet clean and health. It also contains the right substances that is needed to support health and beauty of your hair and to ensure your hair does what it is supposed to do: protect your brain, reduce heat from entering your scalp and act as a thermo regulator for your body.


How repetitive and frequent synthetic hair colour use damages this natural structure:

We have discussed how extensively synthetic hair colours and salon treatments damage hair before. A lot of the damage has to do with how these products attempt to subvert the natural design rules of hair and aggressively break down hair to inject synthetic colour.

Permanent hair colours deposit colour inside the cortex of the hair which is the hair strand’s innermost layer. To do this they have to get past the outer layer of the hair, the cuticle. The pre-colouring process (which is done before colour is applied) dissolves the sebum secretions outside the cuticle, and then aggressively lifts and makes each cuticular scale stand in the reverse direction. By doing this, there is a gap created between the cuticle and the rest of the hair – the colour is injected through this gap and reaches the cortex where it makes the changes.

4.aggressive unnatural colouring

To achieve an even shade on your colour, in the pre-colouring stage, all the natural pigments in your hair are stripped clean by using bleaching agents. Eumelanin and Phaeomelanin which are the colouring pigments in hair are bound with fatty acids which give hair its natural smoothness and shine. By stripping colour from your hair in the synthetic colouring process you are also removing the fatty acid layer, making your hair coarser and rougher.


When your hair is repeatedly coloured, there is extensive damage to the hair’s cuticle. As the cuticle is forcibly lifted and made to stand in reverse every time, with time, parts of the cuticular scale break off from the hair. At these places, there are gaps in your hair’s structure which are weak and prone to snapping.

5.cuticular damage


Without the fatty acids that are attached to the melanin pigments, and with the loss of natural oils and cuticular structure, your hair is unable to repel water efficiently. This means that it becomes very porous and absorbs much more water than it should, swelling up unnaturally everytime you wash it. At points where too much water is absorbed, the hair expands and breaks, unable to handle the stress. porosity


With the high alkaline environment created by the synthetic hair colour, the stripping of fatty acids, the erosion of hair’s cuticles and the drying of natural oils, the scalp is no longer able to function properly. This leaves the scalp unprotected and open to any fungal invasion, dryness and reduces its capacity to nourish and provide good hair growth.

7.itchy scalp


The result of repetitive synthetic hair colouring? Poor scalp health, poor hair growth, high hair breakage, hair dullness, brittleness, and high hair porosity.


How Krya’s Damage repair hair system helps and heals hair damage due to synthetic hair colours:

The Krya Hair Damage Repair System consists of Oil, a Hair Wash and a Hair Mask for chemically damaged hair.


The Krya damage repair hair oil uses a whole host of powerful herbs. Some of them like Liquorice and Bhringaraj (Eclipta alba) work on the cuticular structure and provide moisture and nourishment to smoothen and condition hair. Others like parsley, marigold and thyme contain anti oxidants that stimulate collagen production to promote the growth of stronger hair. Flaxseed’s fatty acids and anti oxidants remove dead cells and toxins from the scalp, and lemongrass balances sebum production ensuring the scalp produces the right amount of oil for the hair.


The Krya Damage Repair Hair mask is designed to be used atleast once a week for 20 – 30 minutes on damaged hair. We use powerful hair growth stimulating herbs like Guava leaf, Chamomile, Brahmi and Moringa which help dissolve the toxins in the scalp, restore the right pH, and provide the right grounds for healthy hair growth. We have seen excellent results in hair health when the Krya Damage repair hair mask is used atleast once a week along with a healthy diet and the other damage repair products.


Lastly, the Krya Damage Repair hairwash is an essential part of your hair care kit for colour damaged hair. In the beginning of this blog post, we compared the structure of hair to the structure of high quality wool like pashmina and silk. Wool and silk is never washed with a regular, harsh sulphate containing detergent. Yet, all of us use highly toxic and aggressive sulphate based shampoos to wash your hair. Sulphates are strongly degreasing on even normal and healthy hair. They are absolutely dangerous and aggressive on chemically coloured hair making this hair even more dry and brittle.

The Krya damage repair hairwash is one of our finest sifted hairwash products. The herbs cleanse without stripping hair of excess sebum. They are extremely gentle on damaged cuticles and do not rip them or break them further. The mildly acidic herbs help restore the scalp and hair’s natural microbiota promoting health and well being.


How Krya’s natural hair colours can help damaged synthetically coloured hair:

Apart from the other more obvious reasons to switch to Krya’s natural hair colours, there are some excellent hair care reasons to consider switching to a purely natural herbal colour like the Krya hair colour.


Herbs like Henna, Amla, Fenugreek, Manjishta and Khadira which are used in the Krya hair colours are excellent scalp and hair health restoring herbs. Khadira provides an excellent astringent and anti bacterial effect on the scalp bring the scalp’s pH to the right level where only symbiotic micro organisms are welcomed in the scalp, reducing fungal and bacterial attack on the hair. Amla is a scalp and hair health restoring herb promoting healing and regenerative effects. Brahmi is a wound healing and cell regenerative herb, helping restore life and strength to damaged scalp and hair. colour goodness


Henna and Indigo attach to specific dye receptor sites on the cuticle of the hair strengthening it and giving an additional layer of protection.

The entire hair colour reduces pitta in the scalp which aggravates with use of synthetic hair colour. It therefore improves the functioning of the scalp and aids the functioning of the eyes and the brain.


The Krya recommendation: to help you transition from chemical colours to the Krya natural hair colour

To conclude, if you have been colouring your hair frequently with synthetic hair colours, you can expect your hair to be damaged.  However, you can successfully help reverse this damage and strengthen your hair by switching to the Krya Damage repair hair system along with the Krya natural hair colour.

9. Krya damage repair hair system
We recommend oiling your hair atleast 4 times a week with the Krya damage repair hair oil. We recommend night time oiling using a small quantity of oil to restore scalp health atleast twice a week. Night time oiling allows the oil to work on hair for a much longer time and also aids healthy sleep. We usually find that the oil is completely absorbed by the scalp and there is no need to wash the hair the next morning.


Colour damaged hair should be washed infrequently – not more than twice a week. Before washing the hair, oil the scalp and hair generously with the Krya Damage repair hair oil, and apply the Krya damage repair hair mask. Once the mask starts to dry, wash off with the Krya Damage Repair hair wash.


With the regular use of the Krya Damage repair hair system + the Krya Natural hair colours – you should notice the following differences in hair quality:

  1. Hair will have more gloss and shine
  2. Hair will break less when tugged, brushed or combed
  3. Hair feels smooth and silky when you touch it
  4. Hair growth improves
  5. Hair breakage and hair fall reduces


Please explore the above Krya products here:

  1. Krya Damage repair Hair Oil
  2. Krya Damage Repair Hair Mask
  3. Krya Damage repair Hair wash
  4. Krya Damage Repair Hair system (all 3 Damage repair products at a discounted price)
  5. Krya’s range of natural colours can be explored here.


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