Krya’s first sustainable goodie

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Today is the first day, of a super exciting year. A brilliant day to talk about the first sustainable goodie from Krya.

So we’ve made a detergent.By powdering a fruit.

It washes really really well. In our washing machine. And in a bucket when we feel like it.

We’ve washed everything known to us with the fruit that’s a detergent.  It Works.

We save tons of water per cycle – because it is a non-fussy fruit, you need to rinse just once.

And we direct all the wash water into the garden and not down the drain – it is safe because, hey, we are washing with a fruit.  And our plants grow really well.

So we’ve established it is a goodie.

Now for the part that makes it a sustainable goodie:

  1. It is a fruit.
  2. It is a certified organic fruit.
  3. It is a certified organic fruit from a polyculture farm.
  4. It is a certified organic fruit from a polyculture farm following fair-trade.
  5. It is a certified organic fruit from a polyculture farm following fair-trade that is powdered to make a pure, natural, organic detergent.

We’ve been using this fruit, which is a detergent, exclusively for 1 year to this date.

Happy new year! And Happy washing to you too!

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17 Replies to “Krya’s first sustainable goodie”

  1. Congratulations !
    Your fruit-detergent sounds awesome. Why haven’t you included any pics – of the detergent pack, the fruit etc ?

    Happy New Year !

    Hope you guys and Krya have a smashing 2011.


    1. Hey zen

      Thanks a ton . We are glad you like the fruit thats a detergent.

      We had a lot of info to share, and since the concept is new, we wanted to break it into different chapters.

      Our next few posts will talk about the fruit, how it works as a detergent, our packaging and the like, so do keep reading, and commenting.

      Wish you a great year ahead & lots of success with escape velocity.


  2. Srini/Preeti,
    Happy New year… Best wishes on this venture… Your passion for what you are doing is admirable.. It will definitely take you to your destiny…. All the Best…


  3. Congratulations guys… Sounds exciting. Love the name and the logo… Do include some pics of the products…

    Take care,


    1. Thank you so much, Sandhya. Glad you love the name + logo – we took a lot of time over it, and are thrilled you like it as well.

      Our packs are in the final phase of printing trials, so we will put up pics in a couple of weeks.

  4. Congratulations Preethi & Srini!! Can’t wait to try it out. Let me know when and where to send the order.

    All the best,

    1. Hey thanks Uttara! We are thrilled that you are as excited as we are 🙂

      We are working hard on getting the fruit that’s a detergent out of our farm and to you – give us a couple of weeks!

      & Happy New Year to you guys!

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